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How Much Does It Cost to Insure a Tesla Model S?

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I’m Mike Robertson – Licensed Insurance Agent & Tesla Model S Owner.

If you’re reading this post you likely are thinking about buying a Tesla Model S or you’re wondering if you’re paying too much for the insurance on your Tesla Model S.  Tesla’s are expensive cars that are very expensive to fix; however, that doesn’t mean they have to be expensive to insure. There are many factors that go into insurance pricing – credit, location, driving history are the 3 big ones. Most of my clients pay under $100/month for insurance on their Tesla’s – that includes very generous coverages.  Your rate may be higher or lower.

Premier Choice Insurance agency is an Independent Insurance agency. We shop through dozens of top rated insurance carriers to get you the absolute best protection at a fair rate. Many times, the lowest price isn’t your best option. It’s crucial to be with an insurance carrier that understands that Teslas are different and much more expensive to repair.

I’ve dealt with many Tesla claims, including one with my own Model S. We have strong relationships with Tesla certified body shops such as New Image Auto Body. If you get into an accident – we will be there for you!

If you’re looking for an insurance quote on your Tesla, it would be my pleasure to assist. Call me anytime at 480-830-1800 or email

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