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Arizona Boat and Watercraft Insurance

Make your boating experience worry-free and more relaxing with help from Premier Choice Insurance. You will enjoy the experience or your stay in the boat more, knowing that you, your family and friends are well-protected. Our company will find you comprehensive protection for your boat and watercraft, as well as boating equipments.

You might think that boat insurance will hurt your pocket. Well, not if you think it this way. On the average, it will only cost you a dollar a day to have your boat insured. What’s a dollar a day compared to the enjoyment and worry-free mind you get in return? It’s all that it takes to ensure the safety of your person, your passengers and your property itself. It helps protects your investment.

There are several things that you need to consider when shopping for the right Arizona boat insurance policy for you.
Here are some of the important ones:

Boat insurance

Navigational Area

How far you travel by boat is a determining factor. So know where you usually travel and how far before deciding on what policy or coverage to get. Most insurance companies cover and protect you to up to 75 miles from the U.S coastline. This goes from the coastline to the Pacific coastal waters of Mexico, inland waters, and Canadian coast. In some States like Oregon, Florida and California, you can purchase a coverage for additional areas.

Agreed Value Coverage

The value of your watercraft or boat depreciates over time. This means that in the event of loss or destruction, you will get the value you insured your boat for, not the actual value of the boat when you purchased it, minus any deductible.


The principle of this coverage is just like in car insurance. Although the sea is open and spacious, accidents can still happen. Because of this, it is practical for one to have personal liability coverage. This protects you if you get into an accident while on the water, for which you are the one at fault. If you purchase this coverage, this will pay for the replacement or cost of repair for the property of other boaters and boat owners involved in the accident for which you are at fault. This also covers the medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs incurred as a result of the accident.

Medical Payments

The personal liability coverage only pays for the expenses of an accident for which you are at fault. If you need a coverage that will pay for the needed medical care and other related expenses regardless of who is at fault, you get this policy. It covers you, your passengers, and water tubers and skiers in case of a boating accident. The coverage available ranges from $500 to $10,000.

Physical Damage Coverage

You need this coverage in case of a physical damage to your watercraft, including its motor and any other permanently attached equipment. This pays for the cost of the repair and replacement. It also covers the replacement of your trailer in case it is damaged or stolen.

Uninsured/Underinsured Watercraft Bodily Injury

Many boaters in the country are uninsured or underinsured. This is because boat insurance is not generally mandatory, unlike auto insurance. This means that you will not get paid in case someone uninsured or underinsured hit you while at sea. To prevent this, get this type of insurance. This coverage pays for lost wages, medical treatment fees, and other related costs.

Fuel Spill Liability and Wreckage Removal

Fuel spill causes damage to the maritime environment. This is why the law requires boat owners to clean up the fuel spill. Oil spill usually happens when your boat sinks or when there’s a severe damage in your boat. Cleaning this off the water takes time and costs a lot. If you want to get covered for fuel spill cleanup and wreckage removal, get this type of policy.

Personal Effects

A boat insurance also provides coverage for the boater or boat owner’s personal effects, such as scuba, fishing materials, cell phones, clothing, sporting equipments, and others. However, this coverage does not include watches, jewelry and furs. Also, limits vary from State to State. So it’s better to check with us for what is covered and what is not in Arizona.

Unattached Equipment Coverage

Physical damage policy only covers equipment that are permanently attached to your watercraft or boat. If you want to include all the unattached equipment such as tarps, fire extinguishers, oars, water skis, anchors and other items designed for primary use in a boat, you should get this coverage. This pays for the replacement or the cost of repair for the covered equipment.

Emergency Assistance

You never know what happens while you’re on the water. Your boat’s engine might get damaged or you may run out of gas while you’re in the middle of the sea. In times like this, you need an emergency assistance, which can be expensive if you’re not insured. If you have emergency assistance package, you will no longer have to worry about the expenses, which include the labor, delivery of the items, and even towing.

To find out more about Arizona watercraft insurance policy, check out Premier Choice Insurance. We will help you determine the right kind of policy or the amount of coverage you need according to your specific demands and situation. Just contact us today to get started.