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Five Cool Apps to Have in Case of Car Accidents

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A car accident is a difficult situation to be involved with. You may get flustered, confused and totally disoriented and become unable to think clearly with regard to the details and other information pertaining to the accident.

In midst of chaos and confusion, an individual who has been involved in an accident is expected to observe standard operating operations such as collecting contact information and other important details of the other party in the accident. Doing this can be very difficult, especially immediately after an accident where the utmost concern is everyone’s physical well-being. You can also check if your auto insurance coverage has comprehensive and collision coverage to make sure you are well covered.

However, the era of smartphones has resulted to the development of downloadable applications catering to different situations. It’s not a surprise that even for car accidents there are already available apps that are purposely developed to assist and help individuals get things done and focus on more important matters.

Here are the five coolest apps that you must consider downloading, all which would be of great help to cover events from the time of the accident until the resolution of said case:

1. SOSmart

SOSmart is a must-have application, especially in emergency situations, and really works wonders. A driver can open the SOSmart app before hitting the road or in an automatic mode where the app turns on the crash detection monitoring in a moving vehicle.

The SOSmart works by making it easier to alert emergency contacts including first responders, family and friends. The app also displays listings of nearby hospitals and the quickest routes leading to them in an emergency.

Simply put, the app works as a single emergency button which alerts pre-selected contacts after you are involved in an accident.

SOSmart uses GPS to monitor the situation, which means that the app works for the duration of driving. As such, SOSmart may drain much of the app’s battery, so it would best advisable to keep your phone charging.

2. Collision Call

Collision Call an app available in both iOS and Android, Collision Call calls emergency services immediately after you’re involved in a car accident.

Like SOSmart, the app works after it is opened by tracking the driver’s movements while driving or taking the subway or riding the bus. To determine if a crash happened, Collision Call uses G-force measurements, which means that a mere sudden stop will not trigger the app.

It also uses the GPS tracking system which drains the battery in long use.

3. CamOnRoad

CamOnRoad is a free Android-based car accident camera that captures details of a collision. This app transforms your phone into a dashboard camera which is pretty handy as videos are immutable piece of evidence which could be your ticket out in sticky situations.

As a dashboard camera, it records everything that happens while you are driving. This is very helpful in establishing the actual events and could come handy in claiming insurance and seeking indemnity from the erring party.

In fact, many insurance companies accept dashboard camera recordings as evidence to prove no fault in an accident.

A good quality car accident camera with clear recording is a reliable source of information from an insurance standpoint. The video recording of an app like CamOnRoad is an objective observer of the car crash and can straighten up inconsistent versions that might ensue.

4. Assisto

Assisto makes you truly prepared for any accidents, especially true if the insurance provider subscribes with Assisto.

Available in iOS and Android, Assisto allows the insured driver to scan the QR code found in the issued insurance policy card, allowing in the process the app and the subscribing insurance provider to save the personal data of the policyholder before any accident. Thus, after an accident, the driver would only need to fill out the missing information such as the account and course of the accident.

Through the app, you can also attach photos of the car and the crash site with the precise geo-location provided by the smartphone’s GPS. Upon confirmation of the accident statement via Assisto, it will be immediately forwarded to the insurer, with a copy of such statement being sent to the policyholder’s e-mail.

5. AxiKit Accident Report Kit

An instructional app that will guide you after being involved in a car accident, the AxiKit Accident Report Kit is available both in iOS and Android. It promises to be the most effective and efficient app to assist you in preparing accident reports, without making costly mistakes.

The app requires a password which is to be provided by select insurance companies, collision centers and other providers.

AxiKit has an accurate voice recording feature that removes the hassle of typing, which is very tedious, especially after an accident. It also has a satellite map which pinpoints the exact location, date and time of the accident.
After preparing all that is required in the app, the accident report can easily be e-mailed to the insurance company. With its quick e-mail feature, AxiKit also allows convenient information exchange with the insurance company thereafter.

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