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Did You Know Your Zip Code Affects Your Insurance Rate?

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Did you know your Zip Code affects your insurance rate? There are literally thousands of rating factors in today’s insurance policies. Out of all those variables, one of the most influential in policy price is location. Here is a quick breakdown of Valley cities and their respective common home claims: Gilbert 85234 – The top […]

What is Umbrella Insurance? Do I need it?

Umbrella insurance

Did you know that over 41,000 lawsuits are filed EVERY SINGLE DAY in the United States? We live in a very litigious society and courts award hundreds of millions of dollars in damages daily. An Umbrella policy protects you from having to pay a large judgement out of your savings, assets or even future earnings […]

Umbrella Insurance Isn’t a Nice Extra, It’s a Must-Have


    Umbrella insurance is a policy that offers additional coverage. It extends over the base insurance limits of your basic insurance policy. This stand-alone type of insurance policy can be purchased and used for various purposes, personal or business. Some of these policies can offer purely excess coverage and protection. Others are used to […]

9 Reasons Your Car Insurance Cost Is So High

car insurance premiums

Ever wonder why some individuals seem to get the best car insurance rates while the rest of the individuals struggle with outrageous premiums? Chances are it is not because of their driving record… well a bad driving record might have something to do with it… But here are the top reasons why people with GOOD […]