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The Ultimate Guide to Auto Insurance

Auto insurance

The Ultimate Guide to Auto Insurance – Everything You Need to Know There’s no question that auto insurance is a necessary evil. Nobody enjoys paying for car insurance, but it’s a vital part of driving legally in most states. And with the cost of medical care and lawsuits constantly on the rise, it’s more important […]

Glass/Windshield Claims – What You Need to Know

Windshield claim

We’ve all had the experience of driving down the road when suddenly *WHACK*, a rock hits your windshield and you’re left with a nice little star in your glass. Many times, people simply call a glass company and open up a claim with insurance to replace the windshield. What most don’t realize is that insurance […]

Senate Bill 1169: No More Full Glass Coverage

Windshield claim

Senate Bill 1169 – No more Full Glass Coverage, what it means for you We all know the sound. You’re driving down the freeway and “POP!” – a rock-shattered windshield.  You call your favorite insurance agency and file a glass claim. You have ‘full glass coverage’ and your windshield is replaced for free! That all […]

The Lowest Liability Auto Insurance Rate Ends Up Costing More


How the Lowest Liability Auto Insurance Rate Can End Up Costing You Money? A lot of people think that getting the lowest auto insurance rate saves them money and is the practical thing to do. This is a trick, a misconception that we must learn to unlearn. The truth is, getting minimum insurance or skimping […]